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Jeff Switalski - Coach/Communicator/Truth Seeker/Motivator

What Is Jeff All About?

I’m Jeff Switalski: proud husband, father, communicator, coach, motivator, risk-taker, student of life, and seeker of greatness—your greatness to be exact.

Over the past two decades I have witnessed great changes in people through helping them change themselves physically. I have also seen too many of those people change for a season and go back to their old lifestyle. Why?

I discovered my greatness on the Appalachian Trail during a 3 month, 1,100 mile hike, just 4 months after having total knee replacement surgery, and now I’m on a mission to help you find yours.

great·ness ˈɡrātnəs/
Something you were born to do, created to be.

Everyone’s greatness looks different, but when you tap into your “something” and begin to live it, your life will become more fulfilling and successful than you thought possible.

You will become much happier, more content, and dare I say, more interesting person than you were before.

What would it be like to love what you do every day and be awesome at it, too?

Pretty Awesome, right?

However, instead of living our greatness, WE ARE BLINDED, DISTRACTED & DISCOURAGED by what we call the “rat race of life,” doing the same thing every day because we think that’s what we have to do; programmed to believe “that’s just the way it is.”


You are capable of escaping the rat race and finding your own greatness!

I’m here to help

Are you ready?


How to Connect


I enjoy writing and have been writing blogs, newsletters, and stories for several years now. Although I am slightly dyslexic and a terrible proofreader, I have always gotten compliments on how I think about, see, and explain the world around us. There is a kid’s book and an adult companion book in the works that I am extremely excited about. For now, you can get to know me and what goes on inside my somewhat sarcastic mind through my blog.

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I absolutely love watching the “light bulb” turn on in people. I have something important to share and believe it will affect huge change in people’s lives. There is something powerful about learning and discovering as a part of a group or tribe. I have been speaking to groups in small doses for years and my message is perfect for health and wellness conferences, and motivational events. I have something to share that can change the world.

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Coaching and fitness are my two first loves. There is a direct correlation and connection between what happens on the field, court, or gym and what happens in our lives. When you connect your whole self together, you will experience vast change in your body, emotional strength, mind, and heart. I am here to help make that connection. I want to share my 25 years of experience and break down the walls that keep you from your greatness.

Let's GO!!

4 Circles of Fitness

I am strong like a machine and will do what I am told. I am trainable and adaptable but I am subject to the others. I am the simplest layer of your being and I have limits.  I will breakdown and when that happens it will affect the other parts.

I am the 2nd layer of you and I am strong too. Sometimes I have control over all the other parts. I live in the moment and I am what you feel. I make you laugh and cry. But I am controlled by my environment and present circumstances. This makes me unstable, undecided and unable to think about the future.


I am your Will. I am your ability to be intelligent, confident, strategic, organized and driven. I make the plans and make the other parts carry them out. I finish what I start, no matter what. Although I am dedicated and disciplined, I can be arrogant and controlling. I can block out the other parts so they can not be heard. I am powerful and dangerous.


I am Truth. I am your dreams, your desires, and the key to your Greatness. I am the deepest connection to your true self and to other people. I live in compassion, generosity, hope, and love. I have the strength, wisdom, and discipline to keep the other parts on track. I am quiet and sometimes I am not heard over the noise of the others. Feed me with the “right” things and you will live life beyond your wildest dreams. Feed me with the “wrong” things and you will live from hell to hell.


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What Others Say About Jeff

“Jeff believed in me before I knew I could even believe in myself. He challenged me to set goals and walked with me to help exceed them. His desire to see the greatness in each and every person he comes in contact with is infectious. If you need help unlocking the potential within you, I couldn’t recommend Jeff Switalski fast enough!”

Zach Powell, Pastor

“Jeff has served as my coach, mentor, motivator, workout partner, and counselor. He has an incredible wisdom far beyond his years, and has the ability to provide a unique perspective on the issues and challenges of life. Jeff has an uncanny knack of making you feel like you are the only person in the world when you are talking with him. He genuinely cares about people.”

Anne W. Morrison, Esq.

“I was immediately drawn to Jeff’s high energy approach to not only training, but to life in general. Jeff has real world life experiences that allow him to be helpful without coming across as judgmental or critical. He is one of those rare individuals that inspire you just by the way they view and live their life.”

Dr. Robert Rogers

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